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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sonic the Hedgehog have a house?

Sonic In Da House is a 2015 computer-animated/live-action film featuring characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series made by SEGA. The film is about Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Ashura, Amy Rose and many other hedgehogs throwing a party at Sonic's house.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog part of Sega or Nintendo?

Sonic the Hedgehog (JP), referred to by friends as simply Sonic, is a video game character and the hero of the famous Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, originally for their (Sega's) console Mega Drive. Sonic is Sega's mascot as Mario is to Nintendo.

Why is Sonic the Hedgehog named Sonic?

Sonic was named as such by the Harvard researcher (Cliff Tabin) because two previous gene family members had been named Indian and dessert hedgehog based on the way fruit flies looked when these gene were mutated.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog a superhero?

Super Sonic is a super alter-ego of Sonic the Hedgehog and a protagonist who appears in the series of Sonic and also Archie Comic.

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