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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Mega Man X/Genesis port?

Unofficial Mega Man X port for the Genesis looks fantastic. Developer TiagoSC is working on a Mega Drive/Genesis port of Mega Man X. Some WIP gameplay footage is now available and it looks and sounds fantastic!

Is the Sega Genesis hitting its second lease on life?

With ports of Shinobi (arcade), Bad Dudes (arcade), and Mega Man X in the works, the Genesis is absolutely hitting its stride in its second lease on life. That’s not even counting all of the original homebrew in development. Like my work?

What are some good Sega Megadrive/Genesis games?

Homebrew Sega Megadrive/Genesis games: Barbarian (CPC) by F.L. Crazy Cars by F.L. Glass Breaker by Tmeeco co. (TM) Pong RAM by Tmeeco co. (TM) Ultimate Tetris by Haroldo OK!

Is demons of asteborg coming to Sega Mega Drive?

This time we have Demons of Asteborg; an action title from Neofid Technology based in Manosque, France. Demons of Asteborg is a game very much in the Ghouls ‘n Ghosts/Volgarr the Viking mold. The game is due to be released on Steam, Nintendo Switch and most importantly, the SEGA Mega Drive in August 2020.

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