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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Sega Genesis come out?

First released in Japan in 1988, in North America in 1989 and in PAL regions in 1990, the Genesis is Sega's third console and the successor to the Master System.

How many Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games have been cancelled?

This is a list of cancelled games for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis . There are currently 272 games on this list. Showcased at the 1993 WCES. Also planned for SNES. Intended for the Sega Activator peripheral. Only a single screenshot exists.

What is the only Japanese exclusive game on the Genesis?

Of all the games on this list, Monster World IV is the only title exclusive to Japan until the Virtual Console era, and just recently, Sega released it as part of the Sega Genesis Mini.

Are there any video games made by Sega?

The following is a list of video games developed and published by Sega. Included are all games published on their own platforms as well as platforms made by other manufacturers and PC. It does not include games made by third parties on Sega's platforms.

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