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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Sega Genesis game to play in 2020?

Top 10 NEW Sega Genesis Games to Play in 2020. 1 1. Xeno Crisis – 2019. In Xeno Crisis, you and one of your friends can take control of battle-hardened marines to fight off waves of aliens. This game ... 2 2. Demons of Asteborg – 2020. 3 3. Tanzer – 2019. 4 4. Pier Solar – 2010. 5 5. Tanglewood – 2018. More items

What is Sega devwill too?

Devwill Too is another new Sega Genesis game that was released in 2020, and the first thing you might notice is the hand-drawn cutscenes and a unique, colorful art style. In Devwill Too, you take control of an artificial being that explores the world with a sense of curiosity.

Why is Sega still so popular?

For many, the mere name Sega elicits an immediate and ephemeral sense of nostalgia, drawing us back to simpler times that once were. Though Sega is no longer a household name in gaming, its dominance of the 90s is no small feat nor something to be ignored.

What is the best Castlevania game on Genesis?

Castlevania: Bloodlines is now considered to be an iconic title, with it having been the sole Castlevania release on the Genesis and one of the most popular Castlevania titles of the 90s.

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