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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sega games were free on the Genesis?

The Genesis port of Sega's popular Altered Beast arcade game actually served as the system's original freebie game. Among the other games available for the Genesis' Sonic- free launch were The Revenge of Shinobi , Space Harrier II , Golden Axe , Ghouls 'n Ghosts, and Super Thunder Blade .

What is the best Mickey Mouse game on the Sega Genesis?

The Illusion series of games were featured on the Sega Master System, Game Gear, and Sega Genesis, with Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse being the best among them. As the name implies, you play as Mickey, and he can throw apples and hop on enemy heads to take them out.

Is the Sega Genesis a bad console?

This isn't a bad console at all. Yes, it's by AtGames, not Sega. Sega hasn't made a console since the Dreamcast. The last unit they produced that played Genesis games was the Nomad, even the Genesis 3 was made by a different company (Majesco.)

Why is the Sega Genesis 2 so light?

However, this is officially licensed, that's why they're allowed to model it after the Sega Genesis model 1. It's very light, because it's basically a couple of boards inside and not much else.

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