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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CDX compatible with the Sega Genesis?

The system was designed to have compatibility with both the Sega Genesis and Sega CD, having both a cartridge slot and a disc drive. In addition to being able to play Sega CD games, the system can read audio CD's, and with the further addition of a headphone port, the CDX's compact size make it applicable to be a portable music device.

Will the Sega 32X work on a Sega Genesis?

The best Sega Genesis overall, you can't go wrong with the portability, and the ability to play either Sega CD or Genesis games. And yes, the Sega 32X will work on it, I have not had any issues. It's very compact and makes for tucking it away easy. A very rare, and becoming hard to find gaming system. This one offers both cartridge and CD play.

When did the Sega CDX come out?

The SEGA CDX was released in 1994 and is the cream of the crop when it comes to SEGA systems in my book. This thing is a beauty to behold. When you hold it in you hands, you can tell you’re holding a nice piece of hardware.

What is inside a Sega Genesis box?

The SEGA Genesis is a cartridge based system. For most of the Genesis’ life the games came in a plastic box, with clips inside that held the cartridge. There are normally also tabs on the inside front that held the manual in place. These are the same boxes that were used for the SEGA Master System.

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