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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play games on Xbox?

Download Original Xbox Games. Sign in to your Xbox Live account. Scroll to "Game Marketplace" from the Xbox Dashboard and select “Explore Game Content.”. Scroll to “Games On-Demand,” scroll right and select “All Originals.”. Search for a game using its title or genre. Select your desired game from the list of games.

Can you play PS2 games on Xbox?

No such thing as playing PS2 games on Xbox360 (or original Xbox). It's possible there might some PS1 emulator on original Xbox, in which case you'd still need burned PS1 games because PS1 discs (with the black underside) can only be read by PS1 and PS2 and PS3 as far as I know.

Can you share games on Xbox One?

Game sharing is a feature on Xbox One that lets you share all your games and Xbox Live Gold with one (and only one) of your friends. You can both game share with each other and play all the titles that are available in your digital game libraries.

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