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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a wax seal?

How to Make a Wax Seal. Stir and shape the wax. Using the end of the wax stick (the non-wicked side if you’re using a wicked stick), stir and shape the wax puddle to bring out any air bubbles, give it a uniform thickness, and mold it into the shape and size of your seal. Create a moisture barrier.

How do you use a wax seal?

1. Seal your envelopes. Use wax seals to keep wedding invitation envelopes securely fastened. (*EB TIP: To keep the seal in place, use the seal on the inner envelope instead. Or, place wax seals on the outer envelope but have the invitations hand-canceled at the post office.

How our sealing wax is made?

Make Your Own Sealing Wax for that Old-Timey Postal Security Choose your crayons carefully! For this mold 3 crayons with a few shavings of accent colors was just the right amount. ... Remove the paper from your crayons and cut them into small pieces - roughly 1/8 of an inch - and mix the pieces together. If you choose to add shavings of an accent color, now is the time! ... More items...

What is a sealant and what is a wax?

Waxes and sealants are both used to protect the paint. Waxes contain natural elements such as Carnauba or beeswax whereas sealants are synthetic. Waxes leave a warm-glow to the paint, in contrast sealants leave a colder looking finish. Sealants typically last around 3 times longer than waxes on the paintwork.

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