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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a wax seal?

How to Make a Wax Seal. Stir and shape the wax. Using the end of the wax stick (the non-wicked side if you’re using a wicked stick), stir and shape the wax puddle to bring out any air bubbles, give it a uniform thickness, and mold it into the shape and size of your seal. Create a moisture barrier.

How does a wax seal go bad?

Do not get a wax ring. Wax rings are a pain if you do not do this every day. With a wax ring, when it comes time to set the toilet to the floor, you have one chance to get it right. If everything is not lined up perfectly, you have ruined the ring and now have to go get another.

What is the Red Seal?

The Red Seal Interprovincial Standards Program, also known as Red Seal or simply IP, is a set of trade qualifications in Canada, jointly administered by the Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments. The program has run since 1959.

What are wax seals?

wax seals. The wax seals are only used for items that are being exported from China. They tell customs personnel that a specific item has been inspected and can be exported. Usually, the cultural relic stores may sell items with wax seals to foreigners, if the items do not fall within the export restrictions.

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