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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send these wax seals through the mail?

For those of you who are sending your hand-stamped wax seals through the mail, this is usually quite a safe option because your wax seal will be able to bond tightly with your paper when stamped. If your wax seals are made using craft or resealable adhesive we do not recommend placing on the outside of an envelope.

What is a letter seal?

Seal(verb) to mark with a stamp, as an evidence of standard exactness, legal size, or merchantable quality; as, to seal weights and measures; to seal silverware. Seal(verb) to fasten with a seal; to attach together with a wafer, wax, or other substance causing adhesion; as, to seal a letter.

Can you use old stamps to mail a letter?

For example, if you found stamps in your desk drawer from 2001, the value per standard stamp was 34 cents, 16 cents under current postage needs. If you are in a rush and know your letter doesn't exceed the basic 50-cent postage, you could use two stamps, exceeding the required postage, and drop the letter in the mail.

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