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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RCW 1843 certificate?

RCW 18.43.070: Certificates and seals. Certificates and seals. The board shall issue a certificate of registration upon payment of a registration fee as provided for in this chapter, to any applicant who, in the opinion of the board, has satisfactorily met all the requirements of this chapter.

What does it mean to have a case sealed?

Sealing a case is done based on a court order under the authority of GR 15 Destruction and Sealing of Court Records . Under this rule, a "motion or order to delete, purge, remove, excise, or erase shall be treated as a motion or order to seal." Any type of case can be sealed.

What is a regular sealing hearing?

(1) (a) The court shall hold regular sealing hearings. During these regular sealing hearings, the court shall administratively seal an individual's juvenile record pursuant to the requirements of this subsection.

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