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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose metmetallic seals?

Metallic seals offer excellent solutions to many very difficult sealing applications. In principle, metal seals can be applied in a manner similar to standard O-rings and seals (e.g., MIL-G-5514, AS4716). In many cases, metal seals can replace elastomer or Teflon (PTFE)-based seals using the existing cavities.

What is a compression seal?

Sealing element contained in a true compression seal that protects the sealing element and combined with the lower clamping force provides a leak free seal. No re-torquing required as well as no ability to over-torque.

Why choose APs sealing?

At our headquarters in Wallingford, CT, APS designs static and dynamic sealing systems not only for its own products – which are engineered for hostile, harsh environments – but also for customers with their own unique, demanding applications.

What are the advantages of metal seals?

Temperature Capability: Metal seals are capable of operating at temperatures of -60° to 1600°F (-50° to 870°C), depending upon the seal and plating materials. Chemical Resistance: APS metal seals are constructed of corrosive-resistant alloys. Many materials meet NACE MR-01-075 requirements.

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