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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your asphalt sealing contractor a scam?

11 Warning Signs of a SEALCOATING SCAM ARTIST - BEWARE OF SCAMS! BEWARE OF SCAMS! One of the biggest scams in asphalt contracting is the “I have extra material” line. Any reputable sealing contractor will have very little sealer left after a job is complete.

How do I know if my driveway Sealing Company is reputable?

A disreputable company is easily spotted when they come to your door and offer you a “now or never” deal. A reputable driveway sealing company is happy to come back another day, giving you time to check out the job they did in the area. Do look at jobs they’ve done: If you know of a driveway sealcoating job that’s been done, go check it out.

Is there a “left over” driveway sealer?

The truth is there is no “left over” driveway sealer as sometimes as many as 4 sales people are pitching the same scam in every neighborhood close to your home with a crew on stand by at a local gas station waiting to be given an address to come to.

Can a contractor sealcoat your asphalt driveway on the spot?

A contractor knocks on your door unannounced and offers to sealcoat your asphalt driveway on the spot. He tells you about the great deal you'll get but fails to mention that he’ll be using watered-down sealant or used motor oil.

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