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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way of insulating a crawl space?

Eliminate the source of water with a crawl space drainage system. ... Insulate the walls of the crawl space as well as the ceiling for maximum climate control. ... Only use mold-resistant, waterproof insulation such as ridge board, spray foam , and cellulose instead of fiberglass. Seal all vents and openings in your crawl space. ... More items...

How do you seal a crawl space?

If your crawl space is vented, you must close the vents when sealing from the outside. Cut a piece of the rigid foam insulation to fit the inside of the vent. Push it in place, then seal around the edges with expandable spray foam to create a tight seal.

What is the purpose of a crawl space under a house?

Many buildings, especially commercial buildings, have a crawlspace between some walls. The primary purpose of a crawl space is to promote air circulation through the home and also allow easy access to plumbing, electrical and other such maintenance, repair and installation needs.

Why should I insulate my crawl space?

It positively reduces moisture to a great extent. It enhances the air quality in your crawl space and your house by blocking the vapor, dust or gasses from the soil. It gives you healthier living conditions. The additional insulation and the blockage of moisture and air leaks help maintain the heat in the house and thus reduces your heat bills. More items...

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