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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sealer do you use on stepping stones?

Popular choices include clear finish polyurethane, waterproof acrylic sealer, and concrete sealer. Concrete sealers are made specifically to seal porous materials and may be the best choice for sealing the surface of your concrete stepping stones.

Should you seal the side of a stepping stone?

You can also seal the sides of the stepping stone, but it isn’t necessary. Your goal is to protect the surface of the stepping stone. Wait the suggested amount of time before brushing on another coat of sealant.

What is the best way to mix cement for stepping stones?

Your cement should be the consistency of thick brownie batter. You should be able to scoop it into your mold, not pour it. If you're making a lot of stepping stones, mix the concrete in several small batches rather than one big one. This will give you the best consistency. You may want to add some color to your cement.

How do you protect concrete stepping stones from rain?

Before you lay them in the ground, apply several coats of a waterproof, clear-drying sealant to protect the surface of your concrete stepping stones from exposure to weather, water, sunlight, and foot traffic. There are several different kinds of sealants appropriate for use on homemade stepping stones.

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