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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cedar need to be sealed?

Cedar is easily sealed using a variety of different finishes. For a high-moisture environment such as the bathroom, the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association recommends using an exterior-grade finish that is designed to have a good resistance to water.

How do you seal a cedar fence?

Roll the sealant onto your cedar area, covering the entire surface. Make sure you generously apply the sealant to your area, letting it penetrate into the wood. This will allow the entire area to be protected. As long as you have covered the entire area with a good amount of sealant, there should be no need to do another coat.

Is it necessary to seal/waterproof a cedar fence?

Though cedar wood comes with properties that keep insects, rots away but still for optimum durability you need to look after cedarwood. And one of the best ways to care for a cedar fence is to seal that with a top-notch sealer. Not all sealers of the market are going to work great, you will need to find the best sealer for cedar fence.

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