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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I seal a leaky basement?

Repair Cracks. Once the water pressure has been removed from your home's foundation, you can seal it from the inside using a hydraulic cement. If you have cracks in your basement that are allowing water to seep through, use a hammer and chisel to open them up.

How do I stop leaks in my basement?

Tape the plastic wrap tightly to a discolored area of the foundation. If the moisture is outside the plastic, there is moisture coming from inside the basement. Probably the easiest way to get rid of moisture in a basement is a dehumidifier.

How do you stop a leak in the basement?

For very minor leaks, you can get an expanding cement, called hydraulic cement, to patch a small hole. Some types will stop the water while it is leaking. There are also waterproofing masonry paints that work well for sealing walls and help to keep the humidity level in the basement under control.

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