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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scout trailer?

The Scout is their flagship trailer, and as a modular utility trailer boasts a raised roof tent with available second and third level aluminum boxes for additional space and organization.

What is the Scout Camper?

The all-new Scout camper presents another way of hitching together an ebike camping rig, towing as an unassuming box trailer before flipping open into a solo camper that's good for a sheltered night of sleep and comfortable indoor/outdoor basecamp in which to relax away the morning, afternoon and evening.

What kind of trailer is a Bravo Scout?

The Scout trailer may be Bravo’s entry-level trailer model, but it’s no “throw away” trailer. All Scout trailers are work ready and feature the Bravo “BIG 10 plus 5” commercial construction features. Scout is a great value in enclosed cargo trailer with sizes ranging from 5×8 to 8.5x24TA3 with a long list of options.

Why buy a Smittybilt Scout trailer kit?

The Smittybilt SCOUT trailer kit features an independent suspension with dual shocks for easy overlanding. With a load capacity of 1763 LBS. and an inside cargo bed of 59.5" x 89" you will spend less time packing and all of your equipment will stay dry and safe. No other trailer kit on the market offers as many features at this value.

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