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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description of a ranger in Scouting?

POSITION CONCEPT: The Ranger is a key member of Scouting’s camping team providing onsite management and maintenance of camp facilities and properties. This position supervises and organizes those employees and/or volunteers responsible for seasonal and year-round maintenance, health and safety, and security duties.

How do I become a Cub Scout day camp director?

Cub Scout Day Camps are facilitated by local councils and individuals who serve as camp director, program director or staff adviser must be nationally certified by taking the National Camping School Day Camp Administration section.

What does a director of camping service do?

director of camping service: A professional Scouter who supervises two or more camping directors and has additional council responsibilities. director of field service: The number two position in councils. Responsible for supervision of two or more field directors.

What does a Scout Executive do?

Scout executive: The chief executive officer of the council responsible for the administration, financing, marketing, motivation, recruiting, and staffing required for successful council operations. Capitalize only when the title precedes the name.

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