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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the scoresense team?

The ScoreSense team is available to answer your questions via phone seven days a week. Live representatives are available at 1-800-972-7204 during the following hours: Monday through Friday, 8AM to 8PM CST. Saturday, 8AM to 5PM CST.

What can I do with scoresense?

Our ScoreSense app provides a seamless experience between desktop and mobile. Update your credit scores every month right from the app. Get alerted to changes or unauthorized activity on your credit report. See which factors are most affecting your credit scores and why. Set credit goals, track your scores and see how you compare over time.

What alerts will scorescoresense Send Me?

ScoreSense will send you an alert whenever an organization checks your credit, whenever your personal information changes, when a delinquency or other piece of negative information is added, or if a new account is opened in your name. Credit monitoring is the best way to ensure that you know about fraudulent activity before it wrecks your credit.

Who owns scorescoresense®?

ScoreSense® is a trademark of One Technologies, LLC. One Technologies, LLC is the proud owner of this website. For a complete list of our properties, click here. Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc.

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