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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scoring in bread making?

Scoring is a basic technique that influences how your bread dough rises and what your finished loaves look like. What Is the Purpose of Scoring Bread? Bready for More?

How deep do you score a loaf of bread?

Score across the bread axis rather than across the loaf. Make the cuts at a 30- to 45-degree angle and make them about 1/4-inch deep. Shape and rise the dough: Scoring should be done on fully-risen loaves after the dough has been shaped and allowed to rise.

Why are artisan-style loaves of bread scored?

Why are artisan-style loaves of bread scored? Dough tends to rise quite a bit in the oven, especially when it’s not enriched with milk, sugar, oil, and eggs. The heat of the oven expands existing air bubbles in the dough and causes even more bubbles to be produced.

How do scoring patterns influence loaf shape?

Michael Suas, in his book "Advanced Bread & Pastry," provides some information about how scoring patterns influence loaf shape. Scoring is not just to make a visually pretty design on the top of a loaf. It is also how the baker controls the direction in which the loaf expands.

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