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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a bearing is damaged?

When the bearing is damaged by oil starvation, you’ll find a very shiny surface and evidence of wiping. Remember, the failure of the oil film can be seen in a variety of ways on the bearings.

What is a bore crush bearing?

Bearing Crush. The term “crush” refers to the outward force created by the portion of the bearing that extends above the housing bore when the bearing halves are set into place. This “extra” material holds the outside diameter of the bearings firmly against the housing bore when the assembly is torqued to specification.

Why is contact between the bearing back and housing bore necessary?

Because contact between the bearing back and housing bore is necessary for cooling, this condition means heat transfer away from the bearing is impeded, resulting in overheating and deterioration of the bearing surface.

How to estimate the expected bearing life?

For estimating the expected bearing life, you can use the following approaches: If you have experience with the operating conditions related to lubrication and contamination, and know that the conditions you are working with do not have a dramatic effect on the life of your bearings, use the basic rating life calculation.

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