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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of scavenger animals?

Examples of scavengers include hyenas, jackals, opossums, vultures, crows, crabs, lobsters and cockroaches. Many mammals, birds, sea life and insects consume decaying organic matter when necessary but not exclusively.

What are some scavenger birds?

Old World vultures and New World vultures (which include the condor and which are unrelated to the Old World vultures) are almost exclusively scavengers. Many birds that hunt will also scavenge: eagles, hawks, falcons, etc. Also, omnivorous birds such as those in the crow family.

What is another word for scavenger?

scavenger(noun) a chemical agent that is added to a chemical mixture to counteract the effects of impurities. Synonyms: magpie, pack rat. magpie, scavenger, pack rat(noun) someone who collects things that have been discarded by others.

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