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Frequently Asked Questions

Which slide scanner is best?

V850 Pro is undoubtedly the best scanner for slides and film negatives due to its versatility and the ability to satisfy the needs of both beginning and experienced shooters. This flatbed device scans pictures of different sizes up to 4x5 inches with the frames provided and up to 8x10 inches without the frames.

How can I scan slides?

Open your photo editing program and locate your flatbed scanner. This will usually be under the “File” menu of your editing program. Select the name of your scanner. A pop-up window will open with your scanner’s tool interface. Line up your slide scanning device in accordance to the particular scanner you have.

Can slides be scanned?

Sadly in many cases, standard flatbed scanners result in scans that are just too dark to be used, although you might find that one or two slides can be scanned that were photographed in brightly-lit environments. In most cases you need a device to act as a diffuser.

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