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Frequently Asked Questions

How well do you know the film scanners?

Scanners (1981) is one of those movies that completely passed me by for years. I knew of the film, about a certain scene that takes place near the beginning and the reputation of David Cronenberg. Until now, I had only seen two of his films, those including the classic, The Fly and Videodrome.

What type of scanner do you use to scan 8mm film?

8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film transfers to hard drive, DVD & Blu-ray. We use modified Rank Cintel Ultra High Definition scanners with High Definition Optics. Film is enhanced with the High Definition DMG Color Corrector by our skilled colorists. Questions?

Is scanners a horror movie or sci-fi film?

In this rather notorious 1981 horror/sci-fi film, it does both. SCANNERS opens with a grisly demonstration of psychic power.

What is the plot of scanners?

SCANNERS opens with a grisly demonstration of psychic power. At a private meeting of executives of ConSec, a powerful contractor of weaponry and security systems, a man trying to demonstrate the power of "scanning" -- a psychic ability which makes it possible to read another's mind which the company has been researching -- asks for volunteers.

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