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Frequently Asked Questions

Who compiled south-central Pennsylvania scanner frequencies?

South-Central Pennsylvania Scanner Frequencies Compiled by Greg Halpin(KB3DCG), York, PA This page best viewed at 800 x 600 resolution Thanks Greg...... de N3HQNHomepage Tom's Place NOTE:These frequencies, and the accompanying information, have been compiled by me over the years that I have been involved in monitoring.

What are the police radio zones in York County PA?

YORK COUNTY POLICE RADIO NETWORK ZONE 1 CENTRALF1 157.570 | F2 156.330 (DPL 026 - future use) York City, West Manchester Twp., West York Boro ZONE 2 NORTHERNTX 155.250 | RX 158.820 (DPL 023) Carroll Twp., Fairview Twp., Newberry Twp., Northeastern Regional, Northern Regional

What are the different Freq numbers for the fire departments in Pennsylvania?

33.84 Freq 3 Fireground Dauphin County Fire 33.86 Freq 4 Dauphin County Fire 33.90 Freq 5 Derry Twp. Fire/EMS 33.96 Eastern York County Forest Fire Crew 45.04 Private Channel Fairview Township Fire 458.050 Private Channel Harrisburg City Fire 453.700 Freq 1 Harrisburg City Fire 453.975 Freq 3 Harrisburg International Airport 33.92 Crash/Fire/Rescue

What is the output frequency of York repeater 444?

Output - Input Freq 442.275 York Repeater 444.250 Output - Input Freq 449.250 HOSPITALS USER FREQUENCY COMMENTS

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