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Frequently Asked Questions

What frequencies are used in Bergen County NJ?

The following frequencies 477.2875,155.550, are used to patch into the trunked system for countywide interops and are used for system back up. Bergen County P25 Digital Trunked Radio System. Covering ALL county services. Note: All "county" Law Enforcement Talk-Groups are Encrypted.

What is the frequency license for Middlesex County New Jersey?

Middlesex County New Jersey Frequency License Type Tone Description 453.47500 WQCB448 RM 162.2 PL County Police Hotline 155.41500 WPMN656 RM 223 NAC Adult Corrections 155.91000 WPMN656 M 223 NAC Juvenile Detention Center

What frequencies do police and fire operate on?

Police now operate primarily the Middlesex County 700 P25 TRS (Encrypted) UHF conventional frequencies used as back up. All police communications are encrypted. Police & fire now operating on Middlesex County trunk system.

Which Bergen County police departments use trunked radio?

Interboro Police - Harrington Park, Norwood, Northvale, Closter, and Haworth Police Departments all have switched to using the Bergen County trunked radio system. Alpine, Demarest and Haworth are using TG 1202, Harrington Park, Norwood & Northvale using TG 1204,

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