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Frequently Asked Questions

What radio stations does Arizona law enforcement use?

The South channel includes the Williams/Tusyan Ranger Districts. Kaibab National Forest includes parts of Yavapai and Coconino Counties. Law enforcement also uses Maricopa County Sheriff trunked radio system talkgroup Lakes 1005, Maricopa County Sheriff Ch. 8 159.09 MHz or Gila County Sheriff frequencies.

What are the AM radio stations in Phoenix AZ?

124.5000 ABQ Center Maricopa AZ 151.6550 151.6550 ADT Service Center Phoenix Maricopa AZ 1.4900 1.4900 AM Radio Station KAIR 0.7900 0.7900 AM Radio Station KCEE 1.2900 1.2900 AM Radio Station KCUB 1.4500 1.4500 AM Radio Station KFLT

What channel is Fire Dispatch in Phoenix AZ?

Phoenix FD and many other Valley fire operations are dispatched by Phoenix Regional Fire Dispatch, operations are mostly on the RWC and some discrete VHF channels listed under Phoenix. AMR operates on Mesa / Gilbert Fire Talkgroups serving Gilbert and Queen Creek. Chandler FD is dispatched on Phoenix FD A1.

What is the difference between County pages and misc areawide frequencies?

Chart type not supported. County pages contain radio communications information for all agencies and services within a County Metro area pages are a collection of links to county and agency information for a defined Metro area. Misc areawide frequencies in Arizona. Please also see our United States nationwide frequencies page here.

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