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Frequently Asked Questions

What is safety means?

Safety Law and Legal Definition. Safety means freedom from danger, risk, or injury. In other words, the condition of being safe. The definition of the term varies according to the context in which it is used.

What are the signs of safety?

Signs of Safety. The Signs of Safety is an innovative, strengths-based, safety-organised approach to child protection casework that was created in Western Australia by Andrew Turnell and Steve Edwards. The Signs of Safety model is an approach created and refined by practitioners, based on what they know works well with difficult cases.

What is a word for safety?

[seyf-tee] See more synonyms for safety on noun, plural safe·ties. the state of being safe; freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss. the quality of averting or not causing injury, danger, or loss.

What is the job of safety?

A job safety analysis (JSA) is a procedure which helps integrate accepted safety and health principles and practices into a particular task or job operation. In a JSA, each basic step of the job is to identify potential hazards and to recommend the safest way to do the job.

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