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Frequently Asked Questions

What episode does Zwei come out in RWBY?

Zwei is the pet dog of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long and one of the major supporting protagonists in the world of RWBY. Zwei first appeared in the episode "Field Trip" from Volume 2 episode 8. Taiyang sent Zwei to his little girls to take care of him briefly because of him leaving Patch for undisclosed reasons.

Does Zwei like Ruby?

Zwei seems to love Ruby a lot as he is shown affectionately licking her in " Field Trip ". Weiss takes an immediate liking to Zwei shortly after he is introduced. At first, Zwei wants to get along with her, but she tries to avoid him. Not much interaction happens between them on-screen, but he and Yang have a friendly and playful relationship.

What is the relationship between oobleck and Zwei?

Zwei affectionately licks Oobleck when he explains the collapse of Mountain Glenn to the group. They work well together in the subsequent fight against the White Fang, during which Zwei chooses to stay behind with Oobleck when Ruby needs to move ahead. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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