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Frequently Asked Questions

What color eyeshadow does neo wear in RWBY?

In Volume 3, she is seen wearing green eyeshadow, starting with her paramedic disguise. Despite being in her early-twenties by the start of RWBY, Neo is also rather diminutive in stature, compared to the rest of the main cast, including Ruby Rose, as shown in the height chart presented by Monty Oum.

Who is the voice of Neo in RWBY?

She is voiced by Casey Lee Williams. Whenever Neo appears to be fighting or initiating combat, there seems to be a waterphone -esque instrument that plays in correspondence to her movements. ↑ We are E. C. Myers, Eddy Rivas, and Kerry Shawcross, here to answer questions about the new RWBY: Roman Holiday novel from Scholastic.

What happened to Neo in RWBY?

In The World of RWBY: The Official Companion, it is revealed that the casting opportunity was going to be Sarah Silverman, though Neo was opted to have been made mute instead.

Who is neoneopolitan in RWBY?

Neopolitan, better known as Neo, is a major antagonist in RWBY. She is the former associate of Roman Torchwick and later Cinder Fall. Her weapon of choice is called Hush, a parasol with a concealed blade.

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