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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a season 9 of RWBY?

As part of RTX at Home 2021, Rooster Teeth reveals a first look at the upcoming ninth season of its hit anime-inspired series RWBY. A new sneak peek/teaser trailer gives RWBY fans their very first look at Volume 9.

When will RWBY Volume 9 be on Blu-ray?

Rooster Teeth Animation's RWBY stars Lindsay Jones as Ruby Rose, Kara Eberle as Weiss Schnee, Arryn Zech as Blake Belladonna and Barbara Dunkelman as Yang Xiao Long. Volume 8 arrives on Blu-ray Nov. 23. Volume 9 does not currently have a premiere date.

What exactly is Ruby's mental illness?

Ruby suffers from clinical depression and a little bit of anxiety issues. She also has a secret crush on someone, the person she's finally won her friendship over (dear god, if you don't know by now...).

What happened to Ruby's scythe in Season 9?

In a post-credits scene, Ruby's scythe washes up on a beach with a jungle, dominated by a massive tree. The ninth season is scheduled to premiere in 2022, following a delay from a presumed late 2021 date due to continued production slowdown amid the ongoing pandemic and the Delta variant outbreak.

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