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Frequently Asked Questions

When is RWBY Volume 9 coming out?

Today Joe Clary, the Co-Head of Animation at Rooster Teeth posted an update on Twitter explaining that in order to not rush production and protect the team working from home, RWBY Volume 9 is now planned to release in 2022. And everyone seems to be understanding and supportive of this decision.

Is RWBY cancelled?

Today it was revealed by RoosterTeeth that the Rwby the animated series will be officially cancelled.The Director,Lead Animator and Voice Actor ,Monty Oum died on 1st February 2015.His death severely affected the production of the series,having no one to replace hi…….

Is RWBY over?

‘RWBY’ season 8 landed on November 7, 2020, on Rooster Teeth, with the season coming to a close with the fourteenth and final episode on March 27, 2021. The episodes in the eighth installment of the show run for 17-23 minutes each.

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