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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Faunus RWBY?

Faunus Ruby Rose (RWBY) Faunus are more common After a one-night stand after graduation leaves Weiss pregnant, she has to leave her life behind to start anew. The decision to keep her new child is easy, but raising her alone with the only father figure she's ever had is a hard but rewarding life.

Why do I see so much familiar stuff in RWBY fanfictions?

Disclaimer: If you see anything familiar, it's because I took so much inspiration from a-lot of the RWBY fanfictions. Important Things: Faunus Ruby, Dead Taiyang.

Are Ruby and yang related to each other?

One Day, Jacques had a change of heart and bought a homeless Faunus home. The Faunus and the Heir to the SDC glanced at on another and so, their fates were intertwined with each other. From that day forward, the Faunus became her maid, willing to do anything for her Weiss Ruby and Yang are not related.

What is Ruby Rose's story?

Ruby Rose a young wolf Faunus starts the school year off on the wrong foot, crashing into the icy girl that shared her classes. All she wants is a stress free high school life but somethings don't pan out how you plan.

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