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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your RWBY OC's colour?

Your new RWBY OC is male, a student, and is from Mantle! Their colour is a shade or variation of violet! Their inspiration comes from valentines day. Their Semblance is Inversion.

What is the relationship between Faunus and humans?

In the world of Remnant there exist two species Humans and Faunus, the two were very similar and yet so very different all at once, the Humans held most of the power in... The past and truth are both things that have a funny way of catching up with people. (Y/N) is one person who will do anything to keep his past and secrets from getting o...

What is a bug Faunus?

Their colour is a shade or variation of brown! Their inspiration comes from egyptian mythology. Their Semblance is Control of Bugs. They have normal aura. Their hairstyle is a pompadour, their eyes are chesnut brown, and they are a bug faunus. Their weapon is a set of drums that is also a boomerang. Their alignment is True Neutral.

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