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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Goodwitch tell you about the male Faunus?

Goodwitch: (annoyed sigh)What he told you was that since you are the only male Faunus here you will give out an invisible gas off from you which cause some side affects with all the males fearing you and all the females including both human and Faunus will become attracted to you

What kind of Faunus has good hearing?

Pig Faunus with ears as a trait have exceptional hearing. Wolf Faunus with ears as a trait have increased hearing and night vision. Some Faunus have a Special Ability that gives them a special power or ability, similar to, or in addition to a Semblance .

Why do humans and Faunus work together?

At some point in history, a village in Sanus fell under attack from the Creatures of Grimm, and its survival was thanks solely to the fact that Humans and Faunus worked together to defeat the invading Grimm. After this event, Humans grew to realize that Faunus were not that different from them after all.

What is the origin of the Faunus?

Corsac and Fennec Albain are shown to have paintings of a Faunus figure whose imagery is repeated in the White Fang, which may have some relation to the God of Animals. Little is known about the origin of the Faunus, and scientists still currently struggle to discover or understand anything about them.

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