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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RWBY Faunus Ruby?

A Medieval Fantasy AU featuring a Faunus Ruby that explores and celebrates team RWBY's journey from strangers to friends to a fire-forged family. Character-driven with Friendship, Drama, Action, Warmth, & Love.

How did Ruby come back to Vale?

Raised by Maria Calavera after Summer took her with her when leaving their family behind before her disappearance, Ruby returned to Vale years later. What she did not expect, however, was unearthing ancient secrets and stumbling into an eternal war for survival that went far beyond humanity and faunus against the creatures of Grimm.

What is the difference between Yang and Ruby's lives?

Yang and Ruby both lost their Father. Difference, Yang had someone to hold her, someone to be a parental figure and teach her how to survive. Ruby had no one to hold her, she was trained, conditioned, and forced to work for the bad guys. She never had a normal life.

How did Raia become a cat Faunus?

Raia was the first to be tested with the 'Feral' Dust, which turned her into a cat faunus, just like her adopted family. Raia Belladonna then looked up at the catwalk with the students and manager and saw a familiar face. She hissed over at Ajak.

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