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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RWBY dark FIC?

RWBY: Dark is a series of RWBY fanfics written by Sum Dum Nerd / NerdWithAKeyboard. It is an Mirror Universe Dark Fic taking place in a dystopian version of Remnant.

Is RWBY a retelling of RWBY?

A retelling of RWBY, but with a healthy dose of humor, lots of lampshading, and 4th wall breaking. Characters are both OOC and in character at the same time, and the Author manages to retell the series by both keeping it largely the same, and by breaking it down and lampshading it. Synopsis: The war has torn Remnant apart.

Is there a RWBY fanfiction about Atlas and her brother?

She and her brother are slowly drawn into the conflict in Vale as they begin to uncover the secrets of their own past. This is an OC fanfiction that starts in the kingdom of Atlas two years before the start of RWBY, and runs parallel to the canon plot.

What is the plot of RWBY?

Synopsis: A darker take on the girls of RWBY and the world of Remnant. The girls of RWBY have deadly secrets that they'd do anything to protect. Whether what they have done to get to Beacon, or their reasons for starting over at the Academy, their pasts are catching up to them.

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