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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the OC characters in RWBY?

This story looks more at the potential dark sides of the RWBY universe as well as changing up the story quite a bit later on. The main OC characters are Judy, an introverted weapon inventor and axolotl faunus, Artemis, an out of city hunter, Vak, a young, family oriented adventurer, and Damien, as he calls himself.

What is RWBY-Qrow × OFC?

「RWBY - Qrow × OFC」 Both were greatly affected by death. They abused, and attacked with harsh words until they ripped at the seams. But who is to blame? --- Do not be fo... Well first story on this site and in general, so criticism is welcome. And onward to the story. And RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth and created by Monty Oum, (rest in pea...

Who is the creator of RWBY?

And RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth and created by Monty Oum, (rest in pea... After being released from the hospital Alex returns to Beacon to be with her friends and teammates. After she returns she begins to learn more about her self, her friend...

Is there a spin off of RWBY Festival of blood?

A Comical, Non-canonical Spin-off of RWBY: Festival of Blood. This was made for the main story reaching 100 Favorites. All and all, this is filled with oneshot and crack-like stories that were either rejected or felt too silly for me to add to main story, and some made just for the sake of this non-canonical spin-off fic. Hijinks await, or don't!

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