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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RWBY FIC an altered retelling of XV?

Comments: From the offset, this fic is a slightly altered retelling of XV's main plot with the introduction of the RWBY girls. The biggest example, by far, is having Ruby and Yang being taken in by Regis, becoming Noctis' adoptive sisters in the process.

Is there an au version of RWBY?

This fic is an AU version of the Bleach universe with many elements of RWBY. Synopsis: Touma, Accelerator, and Last Order get caught in a strange light and transported to different places in Remnant.

Can Team RWBY ever look at each other the same way?

While Team RWBY tries to reconcile with what they learned about Salem from the Relic, Yang makes an interesting observation about their greatest enemy, and her teammates may never be able to look at each other the same way again... Warning: Contains so many different sexual situations AO3 literally won't let us list the tags for all of them.

What is the plot of RWBY EOS?

Synopsis: Under mysterious circumstances, all the members of Team RWBY are transported to Eos as children, with no memories of their past lives. The Astrals have foretold that when the Chosen King comes of age to save the world, these four girls would stand by him and his friends, possibly knowing more of their past lives in the process.

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