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Frequently Asked Questions

How will RWBY react to the season finale of Death Battle?

RWBY will react to the season finale of season 4 of Death Battle. RWBY will be awestruck as they witness two powerful, white-haired swordsmen clash each other. RWBY will also be introduced to popups. They show up at the top right of the screen.

What was Ruby's reaction to the death battle video?

She couldn't believe that all of this started with one specific video of Death Battle: Yang VS Tifa. "Alright team! Let's watch another episode of Death Battle! I'm liking these fights a lot. But for some reason, I have a good feeling about this one," Ruby replied excitedly. "Well in that case, let's watch it," Blake smiled at Ruby's enthusiasm.

Why did Ruby and Weiss choose Yang to fight in Death Battle?

It's quite exciting to see someone from Remnant show up in Death Battle, especially from our team," Weiss replied. "You're the best, coolest, and strongest big sister in the world, Yang. That's why you were chosen to fight in Death Battle," Ruby smiled at Yang.

What does RWBY do after they defeat the Grimm?

After defeating the Grimm and capturing Roman Torchwick, RWBY decides to settle down until they discover a mysterious package comes to their front door and it's full of DVDs they plan to watch. They will discover how much the combatants in the show have in common with the four huntresses.

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