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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Qrow Branwen in RWBY?

Ten years after the fall of Salem and the war has ended, with Team RWBY disbanded Ruby Rose hunts alone, drifting through life without a goal. One night when she returns to her childhood home, her father Taiyang decides to tell her of a man by the name of Qrow Branwen. Language:

How many works in Qrow Branwen/Ruby Rose?

1 - 20 of 65 Works in Qrow Branwen/Ruby Rose Navigation and Actions Works Bookmarks Filters RSS Feed Pages Navigation ← Previous 1 2 3 4 Next → Listing Works Misbehaving in Mistralby KryHeart_Ardyfor A_Lovestruck_A2 Fandoms:RWBY Explicit No Archive Warnings Apply F/F, F/M, M/M, Multi Work in Progress 21 Dec 2021 Tags

What happened to Qrow and Ruby?

When Clover Ebi recruits Qrow for a rescue mission, Qrow knows it's a dead end. But hyperspace holds more than monsters, and James had secrets when he vanished. So much time has passed and Ruby is now happily wed to her long time lovers Qrow and Ozpin.

What is the Order of the characters in RWBY?

Qrow Branwen (59) Yang Xiao Long (29) Ozpin (RWBY) (27) Weiss Schnee (21) Taiyang Xiao Long (19) Blake Belladonna (18) James Ironwood (15) Lie Ren (14) Jaune Arc (13)

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