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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with Jaune arc in RWBY?

School is coming to a close, summer is approaching, and the mothers of RWBY are in heat for their cool drink of water, Jaune Arc. Follow Willow, Summer, Raven, and Kali as they find ways to soothe their thirst and to as well sating Jaune's appetite.

What do Ruby Rose and Jaune arc have in common?

We die like men! Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc both share a love of weaponry and a dislike of shallow people who don't love guns as much as they do. A chance meeting at Beacon changes their destiny, the two of them determined to get married after Beacon and found their own weapon shop.

Who is Jaune arc and what did he do?

Jaune Arc was taught by four of the most powerful hunters that Beacon Academy has ever produced, though three are now criminals. Now it's his turn to leave his own mark on Beacon Academy.

Why does Jaune Cry in Ruby Rose?

During this, Jaune is shown to be distraught at the thought of killing his friend and screaming and crying as he does so, displaying signs of extreme trauma both during and after the act. Additionally, Jaune is quick to be airsick, as seen in "Ruby Rose" and " As Above, So Below ".

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