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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my RV furnace blowing cold air?

Most RV furnaces are controlled by a thermostat on the wall. With road vibration and temperature changes inside the RV, the thermostat could be damaged. The last thing to check is the corrugated tubing that delivers the heat from the furnace to the vents.

How do I troubleshoot an RV furnace?

RV furnace troubleshooting may also be necessary when a spider has spun its web inside the furnace area. Your next RV furnace troubleshooting is to verify that there is 10.5 volts of battery power coming into the unit. Anything under 10.5 will result in the fan operating but just blowing cold air as the gas valves will not open.

How does an RV furnace work?

An RV Furnace works off of the propane tank that fuels other functions on your RV. There will be a thermostat on the inside wall of your RV that has an on button and a dial or gauge for how warm you want to make the temperature inside the RV. When you raise the temperature gauge, the inducer fan in the furnace will turn on.

How long does it take for an RV blower fan to run?

The fan takes about half a minute to run prior to lighting via a pilot light or ignitor, so the stall from the burner firing up is normal. After another half minute or so after the burners are fired, the blower motor will blow and start to circulate warm air around the RV or trailer.

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