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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for divorce in Florida?

Residency Requirements for a Florida Divorce. The requirements are as follows: To obtain a dissolution of marriage, one of the parties to the marriage must reside 6 months in the state before the filing of the petition. The dissolution of marriage can be filed in the county in which either or both spouses reside.

What is the Florida law for divorce?

Divorce laws in Florida are contained in a section of the Florida Statutes called Chapter 61. That statute guides most, if not all divorce issues – including parenting time, alimony, child support, division of assets, and entitlement to attorney fees.

Does Florida have alimony guidelines?

Alimony terms are generally limited to 50 percent of the length of the marriage. Alimony payors will be allowed to retire at normal retirement age and end their alimony obligation. Annual income considered for determining alimony obligations is capped and indexed for inflation at $300,000 at the time of the award. More items...

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