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Frequently Asked Questions

How to file for an uncontested divorce in Florida?

5 Steps to Filing Uncontested Divorce in Florida File a petition. In order to start the process of filing uncontested divorce, you must file a petition. ... Get a response. After you've served the papers, the other spouse must file a response. ... Decide what you own. At this point, both spouses have agreed (or the judge has ruled) that the divorce is happening. ... Wait for the ruling. ...

What happens at an uncontested divorce hearing in Florida?

An uncontested divorce case in Florida usually proceeds rapidly to a final hearing that is characterized by happiness, relaxation, and can even be fun. The fact is that judges, attorneys, bailiffs, and spouses are all happy and relaxed during an uncontested divorce hearing.

Can you back out of an uncontested divorce?

Divorces cannot generally be reversed after that the judge has already signed off and finalized everything.If it was an uncontested divorce, it will be easier for the parties to come together and agree on what needs to be changed. Can a uncontested divorce become contested?

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