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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reading level of the ruler game?

If you use The Ruler Game to learn to read down to sixteenths, you will have no problem reading thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths if you ever need to. For more information, see How Do I Read a Ruler? at

How do I use the ruler in the game?

Press the Play Game button to begin playing the game. A measurement to select will appear above the ruler image. Move your mouse (or slide your finger on a touchscreen device) over the ruler image until the green bar reaches the mark for the displayed measurement.

How do you read a metric ruler?

Metric rulers use marks called centimeters which are divided into 10 sections called millimeters. To read a metric ruler you simply count the sections. There is no need to convert the fractions as you must do when using English units or Imperial units. Use this game to improve how you read a ruler.

How many ruler skills are there?

There are currently fifteen ruler skills, with seven being based on the seven deadly sins, seven based on the seven heavenly virtues, and one miscellaneous created by D when Kumoko was disappointed that Appraisal didn't evolve to a new skill. Acquiring a ruler skill raises the level of Taboo by one or two.

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