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Frequently Asked Questions

How many inches are in a foot on a ruler?

Right away, you should be able to tell that this ruler uses inches, as it’s divided into 12 equally spaced areas (labeled 1-12), and we know there are 12 inches in a foot (ignore the cm below). Now, notice the lines between each inch, with some longer and some shorter than others. Each of these tiny lines represents a fraction of an inch.

How many cm is a 12 inch ruler?

1 centimeter (cm) = 10 millimeters (mm) There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. A 12 inch ruler is about 30 cm long. Inches. CM. 1 Inch. 2.54 CM. 2 Inch. 5.08 CM.

Which side of the ruler shows an inch?

The upper side of the ruler is mm and cm. The lower side shows an inch. Also, you can change the graduation of an inch. This option is just below the ruler. There are three graduations that you can choose: 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32.

What does 1 cm mean on a ruler?

The ruler stops at 1 cm, meaning that your nail is precisely 1 cm wide. The middle-length line on a metric ruler is the 1/2 (0.5) centimeter line, which comes midway between every centimeter (in other words, it's the fifth line after every whole centimeter): So if you counted five lines from 9 cm, for instance, you’d get 9.5 cm (or 95 mm).

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