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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of sculls in rowing?

The different types include: Single scull: Sometimes referred to as the single or 1x, the single scull holds one rower using a pair of sculls to steer the boat by controlling the pressure they put on the blades in the water.

What is a head race in rowing?

In this race, boats in each division start separately at 10-second intervals and row along rivers with obstacles like bridges or turns. The winning crew of a head race has the shortest time between the start and finish. What Are the Types of Boats? Boats are essential to the sport of rowing.

What are the basics of rowing?

In competitions today, rowers can race solo or in teams of two, four or even eight. Rowing was also the first U.S. sport to have a national governing body. This guide will discuss the basics of rowing, from racing to different types of boats and stroke techniques. Read the full guide or jump to a specific section: How Old Is the Sport of Rowing?

Where are fiberglass rowing sculls made?

This fiberglass rowing scull was designed and manufactured in Newport Beach CAProfessionally sealed recently and new fin purchased. Beautiful wood sliding seat. Includes all hardware, wooden oars with carrying bag, custom cart and boat cover. Measures 17’10” x 2’5”

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