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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right oars for your boat?

If your boat is lightweight, then you will need to use longer oars . On the other hand, heavier boats are more difficult to navigate so they require shorter oars . Start with the size determined by measuring the beam and adjust it to match the weight of your boat. If you are not sure about the weight, then you should get a longer oar and test it.

What do you do with oars in a boat?

Slide the oar in the oarlock by placing the narrow portion of the shaft near the blade into an open oarlock and slide the oar so that the collar meets the inboard side of the oarlock. Important: Close the oarlock gate before getting into the boat.

How much does a rowing boat cost?

Without a boat, you're going to look very silly, and you're going to get wet, so it's pretty crucial. The price of an ocean rowing boat ranges enormously, from a super-light, brand new, super-fast four man boat for around £70,000 to an on-its-last-legs wooden solo boat for around £6,000 .

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